Violated Hero 4 0.50[Final]

Here is the link for every H-Scene translated it also includes a .bat with kikiri for you to run to auto extract in case you never did it/could get it to work, hopefully the bat works otherwise refer to the faq/notes section.

Barring the grammatical errors/translation errors, here is the last update I’m doing for VH4.

Thank you for all your patience and support over these past 2 1/2 years towards this project, I greatly appreciate everyone and everything you did. REMEMBER buy the product to show your support! My translations will always be free, so help the creator!

Also if you’re wondering why I stopped posting news feeds on whats going on directly on the site, I do it mostly on twitter now as I only turn on my PC to translate as of late, so if there is a problem message me either directly or tweet on thank you!


As always, I’m easier to reach @ than here for questions needing answers faster as I rarely have time to check questions here anymore.  So thanks to those who answer for me, I greatly appreciate it!!


27 thoughts on “Violated Hero 4 0.50[Final]

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  2. Nice job, was waiting for the rest of Anua scenes..
    What are your plans for VH6 ? I would like to know whether I can go ahead and translate rest of the scenes or we could collaborate and translate our favorite scenes particularly.


    • Yo Rudens! Thanks for the patch and overall effort :) Didn’t know that someone besides Never1.0 was translating the VH series. Lewdgamer directed me to your blogpost. It’s good to see that there are others interested to see these H-Games translated. Happy New 2017 :)


    • You can go ahead and work on them since I am slow. I always start with my favorite scenes so all mine are done, whatever is left I’ll just finish up.
      What I currently have worked on partially/completed are the following
      rp01, rp02, rp15, and rp18. so outside of the ones I have released the rest are fair game.


      • Alright i’ll work on rest and leave the ones I don’t really like (paizuri sound effects are hard to describe in text so I will skip most of them)


  3. OK, since the patch for VH5 made by Rudens has gone 404, would someone who still has it be willing to put it up for download?


  4. Hi guys, I must ask, is there something specific that must be done when installing the english
    patch for it to work? Followed instructions all the way through, but no matter how far I get into the game, the Hcg is japanese, and there is no difference with the UI with or without patch. Would be glad if someone posted how they did it or how they worked around it. Also, VH5 patch is no longer availble; only the save untranslated remains.


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